Finding A Song

2021 has been more or less the continuation of the last year 2020. For me these two years have been the time of contemplation and introspection. I have been thinking more about the physical perishable body and the eternal soul; the experience has taught me to be aware of the darkness within me. In these difficult times in life, it’s important to step back and see that there is always some light or hope. We all have stories; either vibrating with overwhelming emotions or nullified with void. The internal monologue with the mind allows me the space to rebuild narratives or weave songs from the stories unfolding in the alleys of Kolkata; adding colours to the shadows or fictionalising the reality. There is magic in the prosaic, there is awe in the monotony and there is divinity in the earthly. These ‘songs’ enrich my mundane life with evocative music. These photographs are the representation of the journey of life: beginning with the newborn to be taken care of; the supervision( metaphorical eyes) or the eyes of the society; carrying the load of expectations; the prayer to be with the divine or to be free from the shackles of the societal norms!

2 thoughts on “Finding A Song

  1. The images documented very well the narratives of the streets of Kolkata in our daily life. Loved the use of light and shadow in each image.


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