Hearing the Dreams

Throughout the night, it rained heavily. Yet the day smelled fresh with the fragrance of Nature’s beauty.

Zuluk at night

Busy morning

Standing at Thambi viewpoint, a majestic view of the loops became visible for a few minutes. The loops appeared as a serpent laying over a mountain ridge. On the other side the sublime Kanchenjungha stood with all loftiness. It is difficult to spell out the grandeur in words!

Serpntine lops 1

Serpentine Loops 2

Serpentine Loops 3

Kanchenjungha 1

Kanchenjungha 2

Soon the cloud of mists eclipsed the majestic views. Yet the poetry was palpable in the air.

I was transported to centuries ago when caravans of horses commuted these same paths with items of trade like the Chinese silk between Tibet and India. And along with these the intangible things such as cross-cultural wisdom, spirit of Buddhism, inter-regional travel and exchange of humanity traversed for hundreds of years.

Sea of clouds 1

Sea of Clouds 2

Sea of Clouds 3

Moving further, a fantasy of white mist waves started weaving an inconceivable magic for the eyes.

Men and women work hard to maintain the road. The endless silence and miles of greenery wrap up the valley. 

Silk route 1

Silk route 2

The valley witnessed a riot of colours. Flowers of bright hue bloomed.

Is it the silent garden that they talked about! Here I could hear the music of my heart that remained buried for so long.

The lone yak seemed to witness the history of the route!

The witnes

Kanchenjungha 3

Music of Earth 1

I could hear the dreams in this tranquil atmosphere.

Music of Earth 2

Music of Earth 3

Space, Time, Emotion

There remains the glance of a dream.

Hearing the Dream

4 thoughts on “Hearing the Dreams

  1. Nature’s paradise as a God creation in the earth in the name of Kanchanjangha,silk route and Thambi valley is realy photographed in its real sense portraying scenic beauty in its purest form.


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