Hearing the Dreams

Throughout the night, it rained heavily. Yet the day smelled fresh with the fragrance of Nature’s beauty. Standing at Thambi viewpoint, a majestic view of the loops became visible for a few minutes. The loops appeared as a serpent laying over a mountain ridge. On the other side the sublime Kanchenjungha stood with all loftiness.Continue reading “Hearing the Dreams”

Finding A Song

2021 has been more or less the continuation of the last year 2020. For me these two years have been the time of contemplation and introspection. I have been thinking more about the physical perishable body and the eternal soul; the experience has taught me to be aware of the darkness within me. In theseContinue reading “Finding A Song”

Phugtal Trek: A Conversation with Myself

Phugtal Monastery, 2500+ years oldLungnak Valley, Zanskar; reached only by footAltitude: 3800 metres above sea level (Approx.) The trek to the majestic Phugtal Monastery has been one of my toughest journeys. I feel privileged and fortunate to have embarked on this surreal experience! The trek meanders through the most beautiful deserted landscape which itself hasContinue reading “Phugtal Trek: A Conversation with Myself”

Chapter 2: Soulful Tso Moriri

Sitting in front of the beautiful, vibrant waters of Tso Moriri for hours witnessing the different colours of the lake with the slightest change of sunlight braving the biting cold wind has been a spiritual experience. The water birds danced and played in the lake fearlessly. All the anxiety, uncertainties, fear, breathlessness that the lastContinue reading “Chapter 2: Soulful Tso Moriri”

The River Flows Within Me

Chapter 1: The Ambrosial Hour “Come Fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” — William Butler Yeats The specific complex emotion that I encounter on seeing the Mighty Himalayas from the flight to Leh and back toContinue reading “The River Flows Within Me”

Darkness to Light

At some point of time, dark thoughts engulfed me… almost pushed me to the edge. I felt claustrophobic, dejected, anguished, betrayed, entrapped and lost amidst the cacophony of life. I floated in darkness trying desperately to find the ray of hope.There are darkness in life and there are light too. In the depths of miseryContinue reading “Darkness to Light”


“My library is an archive of longings.” Susan Sontag The self infiltrates into the cultural landscape. And this self has the fragile body, indicating a space: of futility, transience and transcendence. The inner perceptions and emotional entanglements get inscribed into the metaphysics of this landscape. The process becomes an intensely personal yet acutely revealing bodyContinue reading “Reverberation”